Business Modeling and Development through Business Canvas Design

business development

Business modeling and development through business canvas design. From a feasibility study when planning to develop or reposition your business in a disruptive business environment to the start-up of a new one.

Stella Consulting uses the Business Model Canvas (BMC+) to define two essential elements of your company: the value proposition and the operating model. 

We offer a feasibility study to develop or transform your business from the start-up phase onwards.  

We offer our hospitality expertise and intelligence with a global and local market understanding to help you achieve your objectives with the right synergies you are looking for. 

The value proposition answers to the following questions: 

  • Target segments. Which customer segments do you choose to serve?   
  • Product or service offering. What do you offer to satisfy your customers’ needs? 
  • Revenue model. How do you get compensated for your offering? 

The operating model focuses on the following elements: 

  • Value chain. How are you set up to deliver on customer demand? 
  • Cost model. How do you manage your assets and control the related costs to deliver a profit? 
  • Organization. How can you be more efficient and optimize your available resources? 

How do you practically develop and test a BMC+ prior to implementing it? 

  1. We start from simple questions: who is your customer, what does the customer value, and how do you deliver value at an appropriate cost? 
  2. We fill-in and design your BMC as-is based on the connection of nine elements: (1) key resources, (2) key activities, (3) key customer segments,  (4) customer relationship, (5) distribution channels to reach customers, (6) cost structures and (7) revenue streams, enhancing the relationship with your (8) key partners, benchmarking the (9) value of your business against key competitors and market trends. 
  3. We benchmark your business against your top five competitors using primary and secondary data. 
  4. Consolidation of the BMC+ and revision. 
  5. Final feasibility test and delivery. 

Based on the process of business modeling and development, Stella Consulting will deliver the BMC+ of your business, based on your identity, your potentials and your market A new creative and competitive business model for disruptive future. The BMC + is focused on three clusters of choices we include in our final proposal: 

  • Policy: set of actions an organization takes across all its operations. 
  • Asset: the tangible and intangible resources which could be deployed. 
  • Governance: how the company organizes decision-making processes over the previous two clusters. 

Stella Consulting can also support the implementation of the actions required by the BMC+ as a trusted partner for the growth of your business