Procurement Outsourcing Advisory Service


We define tailor-made processes which effectively fit your business model through a personalized procurement outsourcing advisory service and project management.

Our procurement outsourcing advisory service at reducing the procurement risks linked to the possibility of disruptive events, such as a break in the supply chain or failure to take advantage of an opportunity from which your organization could benefit. Through our Procurement Risk Management model (PRM) we monitor and manage variables and scenarios that can potentially affect company’s turnover and cash-flow: external supply depedencies, changes in the market conditions and behaviours, optimizing governance over procurement processes and financial controls, enhancing the ability to forecast and handle unexpected events.

The PRM, defined by the  “risks catcher – radar chart”,   it is used to enforce and consolidate your internal Procurement and Management Control Process (PMCP). 

The outsourced PMCP includes the following  tasks and activities: 

  • Strategic sourcing: identification of the requirements for goods and services and potential suppliers within the market
  • Bidding process: request of proposal/quote issuing, consolidation of the bids received, shortlist of the most suitable suppliers and final selection of the top choice in terms of both quality and costs
  • ERP configuration as per business requirements and implementation:
  • Business transformation management streamlining and innovating systems and processes efficiently
  • Effective replenishment cycle and inventory management: maximization of the free cash-flow
  • P2P cycle accounting reconciliation
  • Procurement project management focused on environmental, social responsibility and corporate governance (ESG)

Additional outsourcing services include the recruiting and training of operational personnel:

  • Plug-in expertise ready to use
  • Performance review and continuous improvement

Today each business needs to adapt to the global disruption caused by different social and economic variables. For this strategic reason, we create a customer-focused PMCP which allows our customers to operates faster, with more agility  and to focus primarly on developing their core business, boosting revenues facing new challenges. Stella Consulting’s PMCP,  supports future growth through greater resilience, sustainability,  and trust. We aslo enable our customers to work differently: we use digital technologies cloud-based  for data and files sharing, enhancing efficiency and transparency in a fully protected cyber security environment.