About Us

Reach the Tipping Point and Score Your Try

Reach the tipping point and score your try, connecting unique business values.

Giulio Stella  – https://www.linkedin.com/in/connectingvalues –  is a dynamic corporate executive with more than 20 years of experience working for premium shipping and hospitality companies https://www.hospitalitynet.org/author/148004664/giulio-stella.html. He has gained effective and solid expertise at both corporate and operational level, focused on: business development – https://stellaconsulting.ch/business-development , property and asset management – https://stellaconsulting.ch/operations-management, supply chain and project management – https://stellaconsulting.ch/procurement-logistics. Since 2020 he is partner at Stella Consulting which drive is  to unblocks ESG values in your business creating added value for each entity involved.

Stella Consulting, optimizes company’s internal organization processes keeping them clear and simple. From a feasibility study when planning to develop or reposition your business to the start-up of a new one – or anything between. We defined tailor-made process models according to your resources and business identity. Stella Consulting is  based in Geneva – Switzerland – the perfect base-camp location to start climbing and discovering new business peaks. 

We are focused on delivering distinctive answers and partnering with clients to enable our clients to deliver high performances. Our values shape the culture of our organization defining the character of our company:  we lives you core values through individual and personal interaction,  as foundation for how we make decisions aiming at exceeding your expectations.We play as a team, like in rugby, with one unique goal in mind:  reach the tipping point and score your try in every fields of play where you will engage our expertise.